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Wednesday, September 30th is the last day to respond to the 2020 Census!


Explore this multilingual toolkit to share information with your patients and help them get counted in the Census before the September 30th deadline.

This toolkit contains:

  • Information on how to complete the Census

  • Handouts and posters to share with patients

  • MGH-specific video links about the Census

  • Scripts for speaking with patients and Epic phrases

  • Additional Census resources

  • Chelsea-specific resources

  • Social media posts for you to circulate on your platforms

Why is this important?

  • Census responses determine the amount of federal money received by our communities for health care, schools, transportation, substance use prevention/treatment grants, and other vital programs.

  • The census only happens once every 10 years, and many communities in MA that were hard hit by COVID-19 currently have a lower response rate than in 2010. Several communities have response rates in the 50% range, which means federal money will reflect half the number of residents.

  • Given the tremendous impact of COVID-19 on so many individuals’ well-being, our communities need to access as much census money as possible now more than ever before.

"To Be Counted" Cards with Information on Completing the Census and Voter Registration

Arabic | Cape Verdean Creole | Chinese (Traditional) |Haitian Creole | Khmer | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish | Vietnamese

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