Director, The Disparities Solutions Center


Administrative Director, the Mongan Institute

Adjunct Faculty, Northeastern University

In her role as Director at the Disparities Solutions Center, Ms. Tan-McGrory leads the Center’s portfolio of projects focused on addressing racial and ethnic disparities in health care. Ms. Tan-McGrory also travels across the country to speak to organizations about how race, ethnicity, and language impact the quality of care. Ms. Tan-McGrory serves on several executive committees, including the MGH Executive Committee on Diversity and Equity and the Mass General Brigham Health Equity and Quality Committee. In addition, Ms. Tan-McGrory sits on the board of the Massachusetts Public Health Association and is Adjunct Faculty at Northeastern University. Ms. Tan-McGrory currently serves on the MA Executive Office of Health and Human Services’ Quality Measurement Alignment Taskforce.


As Administrative Director of the Mongan Institute, Aswita works in tandem with the Director to provide overall strategic and operational responsibility for Mongan Institute staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. In addition, she works with the Mongan Institute Unit leadership to facilitate interdisciplinary team work, manage and improve operations, provide data and decision-support, manage team initiatives and projects and provide oversight for strategic initiatives as the Institute moves forward under the direction of the Mongan Institute Director. The Mongan Institute in the Department of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital is dedicated to supporting research across MGH in the areas of population and health care delivery science. The Mongan Institute brings together nine existing research centers: the Medical Practice Evaluation Center, the Health Policy Research Center, the Global Health Research Center, the Disparities Solutions Center, the Disparities Research Unit, the Cancer Outcomes Research Program, the Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Unit, the MGH Health Decision Science Center, and the Tobacco Research and Treatment Center, as well as a developing program in primary care research in the Division of Internal Medicine.

Ms. Tan-McGrory’s interests are in providing equitable care to underserved populations and she has over 20 years of professional experience in the areas of disparities, maternal/child health, elder homelessness, and HIV testing and counseling. She received her Master of Business Administration from Babson College and her Master of Science in Public Health, with a concentration in tropical medicine and parasitology, from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Ms. Tan-McGrory is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer where she spent 2 years in rural Nigeria, West Africa, on water sanitation and Guinea Worm Eradication projects.

She received a YMCA Achievers award in 2017 for community service and professional achievement, and in 2016 was selected as a Pioneer as part of a groundbreaking Children’s Wellbeing initiative by Ashoka Changemakers and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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